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AF Sprayduster Invertible 125ml SDU125D Pack of 1
"Spray duster suitable for use on keyboards, printers, fax machines, photocopiers and computers."



clensa IPA Filled Foam Buds Pk 25 Pack of 1
"clensa IPA Filled Foam Buds Foam tipped cleaning buds filled with isopropanol alcohol. Ideal for use on all electronic equipment including printers, keyboards and faxes. Wide flexible foam head. Easy to use, snap head to release the cleaning solution onto the foam applicator. Refer to manufacturers...



clensa Tablet & Smart Phone Clean Pk10 Pack of 1
clensa Tablet & Smart Phone Wet & Dry Cleaning Wipes Strong soft wet and dry cleaning wipes. For use on tablet screens and casing. Anti-static and alcohol free. Easy to use and fits into tablet cases and bags. Packed 10 Ref ATSP010CLN



clensa Tablet & Smart Phone Cleaning Kit Pack of 1
clensa Tablet & Smart Phone Cleaning Kit Kit Contents: 200ml tablet screen cleaner and large microfibre cloth. For use on tablet screens and casing. Anti-static and alcohol free. Ref ATSP000CLN



clensa Laptop Scrn & Kbrd Cleaning Kit Pack of 1
clensa Laptop Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit Travel size laptop cleaning kit. Contains 25ml screen and case cleaner and microfibre cloth. Fits perfectly into handbags and briefcases. Alcohol free. Ref ASSP000CLN



AF Screen Protector/Cloth Kit Pack of 1
"AF Multi-Screen Clene provides you with an easier way to keep your technology clean. It can be used on a range of different screens without damaging the surface, and leaves them crystal clear and sanitised. This product is suitable for computer monitors and touchscreen devices. It can also be used ...



AF Phone - Clene Wipes Pack of 1
"Each wipe comes wrapped in a sanitary foil packet and is pre-saturated with anti-bacterial cleaning fluid. They're ideal for keeping all kinds of equipment clean in the office, including mobile phones and touchscreens. They're especially suited for environments such as call centres where headsets a...



AF Isoclene Wipes Pack of 1
"Killing 99.9% of germs without difficulty, these wipes are perfect for ensuring the cleanliness of your workplace. Working on most hard surfaces, though not suitable for computer screens, AF Surface Wipes contain isopropanol which leaves no residue."



AF PC Buds Pack of 1
"Each bud in this pack is 130mm long and features a flexible cleaning head - 13mm wide - made of sturdy foam for a thorough clean. It is ideal for cleaning keyboards, drive slots and other awkward parts on your computer or other equipment. These buds work well with other AF products such as Foamcle...



AF Tech-Rescue MINI Kit ATRK000MIN Pack of 1
"Dropping your phone, compact camera or music player in water could be a disaster, with lost data and expensive insurance excess costs. It doesn't need to be with the AF Tech Rescue Moisture Removal Kit. The mini kit is ideal for phones, mp3 players and small cameras that have been damaged by water....



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