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Fellowes Standard Adjustable Foot Rest Pack of 1
"The Fellowes Standard Adjustable Foot Rest offers dual-position height adjustment to conform to the posture of the user and relieve aches and strains associated with extended desk work. The free-floating platform allows legs to stretch for increased circulation, while the textured surface massages ...



Fellowes Energizer Foot Support Pack of 1
"With an innovative rubber massaging texture to relieve and rejuvenate, the Energizer Footrest is a boon for tired feet. With a scissor motion adjustment allowing for three height settings and no fixed angle, allowing for a rocking motion to improve circulation, the Energizer improves both posture a...



Fellowes ProSeries Ultimate Foot Support Pack of 1
"For users working in a seated position for extended periods of time, the Fellowes Ultimate Foot Rest is the ideal tool to relieve associated aches and strains. The innovative design includes three platform height settings to elevate feet and legs in order to relieve lower back pressure and massage ...



Business FootRest Black Pack of 1
This Business Foot Rest allows you to find a comfortable position to rest your legs and is adjustable to make it suitable to a range of users. The free floating platform is also important for allowing full and unencumbered blood circulation. The ergonomically designed foot rest has two different hei...



Q-Connect Footrest with Rubber Blk/Silv Pack of 1
"Being comfortable at your desk is an important factor in ensuring that you are working at the top level of efficiency. The Business Black and Silver Rubber Foot Rest allows increased comfort at your desk, ensuring that blood circulation is improved. A soft surface ensures a comfortable grip and the...



Fellowes Climate Control Foot Support Pack of 1
"For users working in a seated position for extended periods of time, the Fellowes Professional Series Climate Control Foot Support is the ideal tool to relieve the associated aches and strains. The rest's innovative design includes a heater with two settings to warm and soothe your tired feet. It i...



Kensington Solesaver FootRest 56152 Pack of 1
"Avoid bad posture and support your tired feet with the SoleSaver footrest. If you suffer from poor circulation, fatigue and unpleasant back aches in the office, you could be a victim of bad posture while at your desk. The SoleSaver foot rest elevates your legs while seated, improving posture and re...



Contour Ergo Plus Footrest Black Pack of 1
Contour Ergo Plus Footrest Black CE77688



Heavy Duty Foldable 2 Step Stool R034721 Pack of 1
"This step stool is extremely useful for those of us that just need a little bit of extra height. Made from polypropylene, the stool is lightweight and easy to carry and store, but is robust and strong and will hold a weight of up to 150kg."



Kensington Solemassage Footrest 56155EU Pack of 1
"Support your tired feet throughout the day with the Kensington SoleMassage Footrest, with an undulating surface to help massage aching muscles. Gently rock your feet back and forth to engage the built-in tilt mechanism, a great way to exercise your ankles and improve circulation while at your desk....



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